Oh My God! Three New Releases We’re Loving!

With Eurovision news trickling in at an incredibly slow pace, it gives us a chance to turn our focus to the stars who have already had a chance to hit the Eurovision stage. We’ve got three Eurovision stars today, who have one thing in common, they’ve all released new tracks, or new music videos recently!

Let’s start with the two time Maltese participant Ira Losco, who for a while has been promising new music, and finally it’s arrived. The new mum has still made time for her music career, with the song Oh My God released, featuring its own music video! It’s set to be off her upcoming album, which if it’s anything like this song, it’s going to be a cracker of an album.

The song has a fresh pop sound, and although perhaps it doesn’t reach the heights of the Swedish backed Eurovision entry Walk on Water, the song still deserves plenty of praise. The song features rapper Shily, who is a perfect fit for the song.

The music video oozes girl power, and the neon lights throughout the clip give the video a fun and youthful appearance, not to mention that how incredibly radiant Ira is!

For a change of pace, let’s talk about the new music video and next single from Loïc Nottet, who still remains as one of our favourite Belgian entrants in recent history. He’s not only an incredible singer, but an incredible dancer, and this is all on full display in his video for the song Mud Blood.

The song discusses conformity and superficiality, and the video shows a struggle between the two selves: the good and the evil. Eventually the good side prevails, showing that one has to face their problems, rather than run from them.

It’s one of our favourites off his debut album, but what really brings it to life is the cinematic nature of the video clip. There’s no doubt that Loïc is not only one of the most promising stars to come out of Eurovision from Belgium, but to come out of Eurovision in general.

We love our Italian music here at Eurovision Union, so it’s no surprise to see Marco Mengoni making the post as one of our most loved tracks since its release. The song he released back in June has been reminding Mengoni fans of just why he’s one of Italy’s best. The pop track has been on repeat, and we don’t think that will change anytime soon!

The first version of the song to drop was the Sondr Remix, and then a couple of weeks later, a full EP was released with 4 remixes plus the original tune. When you’ve been listening to the Sondr Remix, the original just doesn’t hit the spot like the remix, but with the full EP, you have choice of which version you love the best, but you’re bound to love one if not all of them!

The video clip sees the 2013 Eurovision star on the beach, flaunting his rugged good looks, and I mean, how can we complain about that?