Best of the Bunch: Austria

Austria has participated at Eurovision an incredible 50 times, and 46 of those times they’ve found themselves in the final – whether that’s by automatic qualification, or due to their talent, beating other acts through the semi-finals. Today we’ll be looking back on the entries between 2007 and 2015, and after we recap, it will be up to you to vote for your Best of the Bunch! If you’ve voted in some of our previous Best of the Bunch posts, you’ll know we usually journey through the years 2006 to 2015, but Austria hasn’t been present at all those contests! The nation took a break in 2006, and then again between 2008 and 2010 – and we certainly missed them! Anyway, the show goes on, so here are the acts!

We’re starting today in 2007, where Austria selected Eric Papilaya with the song Get a Life – Get Alive. The song ended up being a part of the Life Ball in Austria, which is the largest charity event in Europe which aims to support those with HIV and AIDS. Despite the uplifting nature of the song, Europe didn’t buy it. The song finished in 27th place with just 4 points – harsh, if you ask me!

As mentioned above, Austria didn’t participate between 2008 and 2010.

That brings us to 2011, and Austria were back to gain themselves a place back in the final. Between the non-participations and the failures to qualify, Austria hadn’t been in the final since 2004, and it was up to Nadine Beiler to change this. The song she performed was called The Secret is Love, and it was an incredible vocal performance from Nadine. This time around, Europe really responded to her big voice, and she qualified into the final in 7th place. In the final, she finished in 18th place with 64 points.

From diva to dire. Austria selected Trackshittaz with the song Woki mit deim popo for Eurovision 2012, and there’s not too much to say about this other than WTF Austria! It’s the song you might hate to love, but it seems that Europe’s voters just disliked the song and the performance in general, finishing in last place in the semi-final with just 8 points!

The young Natália Kelly was chosen in 2013 to try improve on the previous year’s results – but at least the benefit of coming last is you can’t do any worse! Natália opened the semi-final with her beautiful song Shine, which was loved by some, but it was not enough to send Austria to the final. She finished in 14th place with 27 points.

2014 was the lucky year for Austria, who struck gold with Conchita Wurst. We’d seen Conchita before in the national finals from a few years previous, but this time around she was internally selected with the song to be Rise Like a Phoenix. The winner of 2014 was anyone’s guess, but without a clear winner before the contest, it left the door open for Conchita to swoop in and grab the Eurovision win! From zero to hero, Austria won the contest with a total of 290 points!

Today we’re ending our journey here, in 2015. With Austria as the host, it puts a bit of the pressure on to deliver something successful, and as you would know, the host country qualifies for the final automatically, but of course, it didn’t quite go to plan. The Makemakes were the representatives with the sensitive song I Am Yours. With a burning piano on stage (yes, on purpose), you’d think fans would love the theatrics, but funnily enough Austria ended up in last place in the final with a donut – zero points!

Now we’ve recapped on the entries, it’s up to you to choose which act is your best of the bunch!