Life After Eurovision: 10 Top Tunes That Deserve More Love!

Each week, Eurovision Union has been searching the archives to discover the best, and often newest songs from former Eurovision and National Final Stars to be a part of our Weekly Playlist. This has been a great source of inspiration, and has rekindled the spark for the unique and talented artists and their musical creations. Each week we’re discovering some incredible tunes, and while we can’t write individual posts about all these songs, we think this handful deserves some more love. These 10 songs have stood out as some of the best discoveries we’ve made through the Weekly Playlists!

Kilian & Jo ft. Erik Rapp – Suburbia

I remember first watching Erik Rapp perform at Junior Eurovision, and knowing from that moment that he was going to develop into an incredible talent. Years have passed, and the Junior Eurovision tag has disappeared from his name as he has carved out an absolutely spectacular path for himself. Earlier in the year, Erik released an EP with four incredible songs, all of which are still songs that I crave to hear. His sound is contemporary, alternative and almost futuristic. He has an unparalleled voice that lends itself to the genre that he has explored through his recently released music, and each song and each performance is more impressive than the last. Recently, we’ve discovered one of his most popular tracks, which is called Suburbia, credited to Kilian & Jo, and voiced by Erik. The original features a killer combination of beat and lyrics, melody and vocals. Then there’s the acoustic version, and naturally Erik impresses. We’re still crushin’ on you, Erik.

Aron Hannes – Sumarnótt

Had you asked us at the start of the year who Aron Hannes was, the response would have been a blank face staring back. It was only through the Icelandic national finals that we noticed Aron, and even still, it was a bit of a fleeting moment. It wasn’t until we noticed his most recent release, titled Sumarnótt that we stood back and thought, ‘wow.’ It’s a song that feels simultaneously melancholy and upbeat. It has the ballad tendencies, using the length of the song to build to one massive note, but is also backed by a modern dance beat. It’s a step away from what he presented to us through the Icelandic National Final with the song Tonight, which we did like, but Sumarnótt has extra depth that we’re really appreciating right now!

Francesca Michielin – Vulcano

This is one of the songs we did write a full post on, but we just can’t get over this song, so it deserved a second mention. Francesca Michielin hasn’t been one of the artists we’ve kept a close eye on, but her track Vulcano has us doing a 180. It’s fresh, modern, interesting and just simply a pleasure to listen to. The difference between this and her previous songs, we believe is the loss of that innocent, bubbly pop sound and the transition to more of a raw, but yet polished style which is really working for Francesca. More please!

Vanotek ft The Code & Georgian – I’m Coming Home

This is another song we have to thank the Weekly Playlist for, as if it weren’t for our investigations, we wouldn’t have come across this national final gem from 2015. No, it’s not really a new track, but it’s a song that has really taken us by surprise. It has this really interesting sound, and it feels quite ethnically influenced in its melody. Even though it has those ethnic elements, it still blends well with a modern mix of pop, dance and rock genres. I really have to question how this didn’t win the national final, because the quality of this song was far beyond its competitors, and overall felt more like a polished, professionally created track.

Rocco Hunt – Niente da Bere

If you’ve been following Eurovision Union for a while, you’d probably know that we’re big fans of Rocco Hunt. Granted not everyone is a rap fan, but if you are, you’re likely to enjoy his latest release titled Niente da Bere. This song feels more down to earth than some of his other music, which is far harder hitting in terms of the actual beat. There’s something about the melody of this song has really captivated me, and I just can’t stop listening to it.

Niello, Robin Stjernberg – Sista Ordet

Robin Stjernberg never fails to impress us, so plonk him into a track with Niello and we’re left with no complaints. Sista Ordet is just a summery, fresh pop song that is just beyond catchy. The song is completely in Swedish, and it is actually refreshing to hear Robin part of a track sung in Swedish and something we want to hear more of, for sure! Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can’t help but sing along or even whistle the melody.

Monatik  – Spinning

It was 5am, and I was sleepy as anything, but turning on Eurovision to see Monatik on the stage was a nice way to wake up. I wasn’t aware at that point that Monatik would be performing as the opening act of the semi-final, nor did I even know who Monatik was, but I sure know now. The song Spinning was the English translation of one of his 2016 singles, and although we love a bit of national language, it’s the English version that has captured my heart. The song is a modern pop song, but with a retro feel, and although the English lyrics are a bit odd at times, it’s still one of the current favourites!

The official video, if you’re curious!

Molly Pettersson Hammar – Liberate

Molly Pettersson Hammar has offered up some absolute hits over the last few years, but it’s the song Liberate which has blown our socks off. Once again, I have to thank the Weekly Playlist for this discovery, as I hadn’t heard too much from Molly before. The song is the epitome of pop, which is married with the soulful voice she has, creating the total package. This song is empowering and just oozes girl power, and that’s always a winner in our books. Molly for Eurovision please, Sweden!

Benji & Fede ft Annalisa – Tutto Per Una Ragione (SDJM Remix)

We haven’t yet seen the dynamic duo of Benji & Fede hit the Eurovision stage, nor the gorgeous Annalisa, but they’re on our wish list for future years of Eurovision! Benji & Fede have collaborated with Annalisa on this track, and it’s an absolute cracker of a song. We do love the original, but there’s something about the added dance beat of the remix that we’re loving. Even if the song was just Benji and Fede, it would be a great song, but Annalisa adds something really special to the song. The songs she releases on her own are often bigger, punchier songs, whether they’re ballads or big pop songs, but it’s actually good to hear her voice attached to a more dance pop song.

And the official, original version!

Anton Hagman – Somebody to Love

It was a huge shock to many fans when Anton Hagman beat Swedish Eurovision winner Loreen in the second chance round of Melodifestivalen this year, and that news was big enough to overshadow the talent of Anton himself. Time has passed now, and we’ve fallen in love with this track called Somebody to Love. It’s quite a simple pop song, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want to listen to. The melody in the verses builds us up to the catchy chorus, but overall, it’s just a feel good song.

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