National Final Throwback: MNTHA – Nefelibata

2015 was an interesting year for Eurovision, as it was the year that we began to see some really cutting edge performances, which set the tone for the years to follow. The two stand out performances which pushed Eurovision into the modern age were the Belgian, and the Latvian entries. The latter, which was performed by Aminata sent Latvia into 6th place, but what would have happened if MNTHA had won Supernova instead?

I remember watching this national final, and it was very much clear that Aminata would win by a landslide, and like many fans watching at the time, we knew this would be the best decision for Latvia, but I also remember that I was really captivated by MNTHA. She is an incredibly unique performer, and her song Nefelibata was like nothing else I had heard in regards to a Eurovision selection.

The song a really interesting alternative electronic sound, in a sense as modern as the sound Aminata adopted for her winning entry Love Injected, but Nefelibata doesn’t ever reach that next level that Aminata did within her choruses. The melody is curious, and if you listen to it enough, it will get stuck in your head to the point that you can’t help bopping to the beat. I think the performance is really nice, but in terms of Eurovision, I think lacking a big moment in the song would have hindered its chances of reaching the same success of Aminata. Saying that, it’s hard to judge how this would have gone at Eurovision since 2015 was the year we saw some more modern performances, and this song does push the boundaries of what we would usually come to see at Eurovision.

As a standalone song, I do like this. Can I say that I will actively choose to listen to this song? No, I don’t think I can, but I’m also not prepared to turn it off if the song does come on. It’s nice because it’s interesting, and it at least got Latvia thinking about their entries and how to keep up with the music trends, just through the fact of this song reaching the national selection final.

I think the song is at least deserving of an 8/10, simply because of its uniqueness!

Country Profile

Year: 2015

Country:  Latvia

Artist: MNTHA

Song: Nefelibata