Aussie chart-topper Guy Sebastian releases ‘High on Me’

He was the debut Australian act at Eurovision in 2015, and since his Top 5 performance, Guy Sebastian has released some killer tunes, including his freshest release titled High On Me. The song was released on the 1st of September, and is available on Spotify now!

The song leans more towards the soul-pop genre that Guy Sebastian does so well. Over his lengthy career, he has experimented with a range of different sounds which range from pop, to soul and alternative. His pop releases have been popular throughout Australia, however since his Eurovision performance, he’s released an interesting array of music that very adequately displays how versatile he is, including some of his singles Candle, Set in Stone and now High On Me, all of which are very musically different but all equally as impressive.

High on Me is absolutely bound to be a radio hit due to its infectious beat and catchy melody, which Australian and fans worldwide will fall in love with upon first listen. Even represented by the artwork of the single, the song has a retro feel whilst still fitting within the modern pop scene, which has been a popular trend within the current music scene.

It’s a hit from us! Listen to the song down below: