FYR Macedonia Reveals their Junior Eurovision Act!

We weren’t expecting it, but it’s come as a nice surprise that FYR Macedonia have released information about who will be representing them at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This will be the 13th Macedonian representative at Junior Eurovision, and perhaps the first Macedonian winner of Junior Eurovision?

We won’t keep the suspense for any longer – Mina Blažev will represent FYR Macedonia this year, however the song has still not be unveiled. Mina is 14 years old, and originates from the nation’s capital, Skopje. Earlier this month, auditions took place to find the Macedonian representative, and the broadcaster decided that Mina would best fit the duties!

The song that Mina will be singing will be released in the coming weeks! For now, watch FYR Macedonia’s 2016 entry Love Will Lead Our Way here: