Czech it out! Czech Republic will Participate in Lisbon 2018!

The more the merrier, they always say, so we’re happy to confirm that the Czech Republic will be participating at Eurovision in Lisbon next year! The nation certainly hasn’t achieved the greatest Eurovision results over the years, but they’ve turned a new page since their 2015 return, and perhaps 2018 will be the year for the Czech Republic?

The broadcaster responsible for the Czech entry has announced that both Czech and foreign composers and performers are encouraged to submit entries, however the condition is that at least one of the main vocalists is of Czech nationality. There were whispers that the nation would adopt a similar method that brought Portugal their first Eurovision win, where the focus would be on inviting top composers to bring songs to the selection, however it seems they are opening the doors to those outside the nation’s borders.

It seems the interest for Eurovision in the Czech Republic is growing, with the broadcaster acknowledging the effort they need to put in to maintain and grow this interest in the coming years. They have stated that a big focus in 2018 and future years is the overall performance and how the entry looks on stage. It will be interesting to see how they go on to select their entry, whether that will be internally, which is looking likely, or whether they will opt for a national selection. Only time will tell!

Stay tuned for news about the 2018 Czech entry, but for now watch the 2017 performance: