Junior Best of the Bunch: Armenia

Armenia first made their Junior Eurovision debut in 2007, just one year after they made their debut at Eurovision. This means they’ve participated 10 times at the Junior edition, and through those 10 years, Armenia have been quite successful, with a handful of 2nd and 3rd places, a Junior Eurovision win, plus no entry outside the Top 10. With such an impressive streak, we want to know which Armenian Junior Eurovision act is your Best of the Bunch! We’re going to recap all the entries, and then it will be your turn to vote!

We’re starting at 2007 today, where Armenia first made their Junior Eurovision debut. Their debut act was Arevik with the song Erazanq, where the stage performance was nautical themed! Fans enjoyed Armenia’s debut act, and they finished in 2nd place with 136 points!

The following year, Monika Manucharova was selected to represent Armenia with the power ballad titled Im Ergi Hnchyune. Monika’s voice was unique and powerful, and she hit some big notes throughout the song! It wasn’t as much of a hit with the voters, but Monika still finished in 8th place with 59 points.

In 2009, Armenia continue the girl power with Luara Hayrapetyan who had a cracking song titled Barcelona! It was extremely high energy with a strong melody and catchy chorus, and with the cheering from the dancing audience, it was a very strong entry. It also shows in the results, with Luara finishing in 2nd place with 116 points.

The next year, Armenia found the right formula with young star Vladimir Arzumanyan who performed the song Mama. The performance featured some pretty elaborate props, but at the core of the performance was a great song and good vocals. They had two second places in their short time at Junior Eurovision, but this was the year they topped the table, coming first with a total of 120 points.

Armenia hosted the 2011 as a result of their win in the previous year, and Dalita was chosen to fly the home flag with the song Welcome To Armenia – only fitting with Armenia as the host nation! It was a performance reminiscent of the UK entry to Eurovision in 2007, with the flight attendant costumes, but it achieved better results, finishing in 5th place with 85 points.

The following year, Armenia selected Compass Band, a group of talented musicians who performed the song Sweetie Baby at the contest. The song was quite different from what we have heard at Junior Eurovision, but the uniqueness of the song made it stand out from the crowd. Once again Armenia was getting Top 3 results, this time finishing in 3rd with 98 points.

In 2013, Monica Avanesyan was chosen to represent the nation with the high energy pop song titled Choco-Factory. Her performance at Junior Eurovision was very sweet… literally! We had ice cream, chocolate and cupcake props on stage, but perhaps was it too sugary sweet? The song finished in 6th place with 69 points.

The next representative for Armenia was Betty, who performed the song People of the Sun. It was a favourite before the contest, and it’s easy to see why. The song is incredibly catchy, and the performance on stage was well choreographed. It was another success for Armenia, with Betty finishing in 3rd place with a total of 146 points.

The following year, Michael Varosyan, or as he was known, Mika, was selected to represent Armenia with the song Love. He was like a miniature Aram Mp3 (Armenia’s 2014 Eurovision representative) with the same charisma, and for Junior Eurovision, his charisma is what made his performance memorable! Armenia once again finished in 2nd place, this time with 176 points.

We’ve already reached the final entry for Armenia! Their most recent entry was the duo of Anahit and Mary who sung the song Tarber. The song featured the big notes right from the start, and although it was a difficult song to sing, the girls tried their best, and once again, Armenia finished in 2nd place, this time with 232 points!

Now we’ve recapped the songs, and it’s your turn to vote for your Junior Best of the Bunch!