Serbia chooses Irina and Jana for Junior Eurovision!

The next piece of the Junior Eurovision puzzle is the news we have from Serbia, where we now know the representatives and the song that they will be singing! A small national selection was held, where three songs were performed by three acts, and it was Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović, who will be flying the flag for Serbia. The song, which you can listen to below, is titled Ceo Svet je Naš, which translates to The World is Ours.

Irina Brodić has had performing experience through the production of the world famous film and stage show Annie. The young star is also an award-winning pianist, and has performed at the Berlin International Music Festival. Her co-star, Jana Paunović was a contestant on the singing competition Pinkove Zvezdice back in 2014. During the same year, she competed against the 2015 Junior Eurovision representative for Serbia, Lena Stamenkovic.

Listen to the Serbian entry here: