Junior Best of the Bunch: FYR Macedonia

FYR Macedonia have been one of the most dedicated Junior Eurovision nations, as they have participated in all but two editions. The nation first made their debut in the debut year of Junior Eurovision, back in 2003, and participated each and every year until 2012, where they took a year break. They returned in 2013, and then took a break again in 2014, however since then have been showing their face year after year. Today we’re going to recap all the entries and then it will be up to you to vote for your Junior Best of the Bunch!

We’re starting this week’s journey in 2003, where Marija and Viktorija were chosen to represent the nation with the song Ti Ne Me poznavaš. The harmonies in this performance were on point, and the matching costumes were super cute! Although the girls had a super catchy song, the nation finished in 12th place with 19 points.

The following year saw Martina Smiljanovska take to the stage to represent FYR Macedonia with the upbeat pop tune titled Zabava. The performance felt a bit lacking in energy, but it was still a hit with the European audiences who voted the song into 7th place with 64 points.

In 2005, FYR Macedonia selected their first male participant, Denis Dimoski. The participating entry was called Rodendeski baknež, and it was the first of the Macedonian entries which had a distinct Balkan flavour. That coupled with Denis’ confident vocals made for a great performance which ultimately earned FYR Macedonia 8th place with 68 points.

Zana Aliu was selected as the representative for FYR Macedonia in 2006 with the song Vljubena. Like the previous year, the song had a bit of ethnic flair, which is what we love to see at Junior Eurovision! Unfortunately for Zana, luck was not on her side as she finished in last place with 14 points.

The following year, the duo of Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski hit the stage with the hopes of turning a last place the year previous into a Top 5 result. Their song Ding Ding Dong brought the drama, and it was a successful performance for FYR Macedonia, receiving that Top 5 result! The song finished in 5th place with 111 points.

In 2008, FYR Macedonia looked outwards to find their representative, and it was Aussie born performer Bobi Andonov who would go on to represent his European nation of heritage. The song was Prati mi SMS which was a modern and catchy pop song performed perfectly by Bobi, and he was rewarded for the perfect performance with another 5th place, this time with 93 points.

Following on from two years of positive results was Sara Markoska who performed the song Za Ljubovta. The song started as a beautiful ballad, a style we hadn’t heard much from FYR Macedonia in previous years, however in true Eurovision style, that ballad didn’t stay ballad for long! The song didn’t do as well as previous years, slipping back into 12th place with 31 points.

In 2010, FYR Macedonia sent an artist who would become one of the most watched on the Junior Eurovision Youtube channel, that being Anja Veterova with the song Eooo, Eooo. It was a song that built to the catchy chorus that had everyone singing along, and although her results don’t mirror the success the song has had post Junior Eurovision, it’s still a song that is incredibly memorable. Like the previous year, the song finished in 12th place, this time with 38 points.

Dorijan Dlaka was the 2011 representative for FYR Macedonia, and he brought a bit of swing to the stage with his song Zhimi Ovoj Frak. Dorijan and his female partner were dressed the part, and danced the part, but for the third year in a row, FYR Macedonia found themselves in 12th place, this time with 31 points.

FYR Macedonia then took a break from the contest in 2012.

The nation returned in 2013 with Barbara Popović, a young star hoping to change the luck of her nation at Junior Eurovision with the song Ohrid I muzika. The song seemed to fly by with the rapid beat that Barbara did well to keep up with for the entire 3 minutes! Unfortunately it wasn’t Europe’s cup of tea, with the song finishing in last place, which ironically was 12th place, this time with just 19 points.

The nation took another brief break in 2014!

FYR Macedonia returned with the dynamic duo of Ivana Petkovska and Magdalena Aleksovska who performed the cute song called Pletenka – Braid of Love. The performance was young and innocent, and it convinced us to make a braid of love! For the third time, FYR Macedonia found themselves in last place, this time with 26 points.

Things seemed to click for FYR Macedonia in 2016 after they chose Martija Stanojković with the uber modern pop tune called Love Will Lead Our Way which was the first entry from the nation to feature English as well as the native Macedonian language. The performance was super fresh, and wouldn’t have been out of place on the big Eurovision stage! Despite being a favourite previous to the contest, the song just didn’t reach the expected heights, finishing in 12th place with 41 points.

Now it’s time for you to vote for your Junior Best of the Bunch!