Life After Eurovision: 10 Top New Tunes!

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a bit of an explosion on the music scene with new songs and new albums from artists we love, either former Eurovision participants or national finalists. We’ve been discovering these songs through our weekly playlists, which have been a great source of inspiration, but also gets us excited for the upcoming national final season! Today we’re picking just 10 of these new songs that we’re loving, but make sure to tell us which new songs you’ve been listening to lately!

’71 Charger – Loreen

We waited quite a while to get new music from Loreen, but now we’re starting to see the fruits of her labour. She released a three part EP earlier in the year, and then hit us with ’71 Charger which for us is not only the best new song from Loreen, but the best she has ever put out. There will always be people who prefer her dance oriented music, and don’t get me wrong, those are also some of her best tunes, but ’71 charger has this mysterious sound and an incredibly intoxicating melody that has us completely addicted. Song of the year, anybody?

Glubina – Kristian Kostov

This next song really is a fresh one, having been released only days ago from the young Bulgarian star Kristian Kostov. The second place getter of the 2017 contest doesn’t have many published, original singles, but those he does have including You Got Me Girl and of course, Beautiful Mess have been favourites this year. Now finally we have a post-Eurovision single, and it’s another cracker. It has that same sort of dark-ethno dance sound that Beautiful Mess has, which works well with his incredible voice. We can’t wait to hear more from the young star who is certain to have an incredibly bright future ahead.

Utan Dig – Molly Sandén

The former Melfest star Molly Sandén has recently reimagined herself after a slow few years on the music front, changing styles not only in a fashion sense, but a musical sense as well. Her previous single Rygg Mot Rygg has been a staple in our personal playlist since its release, and now we have a new track to love called Utan Dig. Both of these singles are swaying towards more of an urban pop sound in comparison to her more traditional or dance pop numbers and the big ballads. She’s also now performing in Swedish, which is a very welcomed change. Bring on more new music, we say!

Beast – Laura Tesoro

We doubted Belgian artist Laura Tesoro when it came to Eurovision, but we’ve been proven wrong with her results at the contest, but also the music she has since released. We’ve only really heard two singles including this new release titled Beast, but both songs (the other being Higher) have been incredibly catchy pop numbers. She has this voice that lends itself to these infectious pop numbers, and she should definitely stick to this style that so very obviously works for her.

Sıfır Tolerans – Hadise

It’s not the newest song on this list, but it’s fairly new to us, only coming to light when we discovered it for our Weekly Playlist a few weeks back. This track from former Turkish representative Hadise has reminded us of a) how much we miss Turkey at Eurovision, but also how great Turkish music is, especially in the pop and rock departments. The Mahmut Orhan Remix of the song has been listened to on Spotify close to 3 million times, but it’s the original that has won our heart. The punchy dance beat which backs Hadise’s powerful voice is a perfect combination. It has this ethnic feel about it which mainly comes out through the melody and how Hadise sings the melody. It’s not an easy one to forget, that’s for sure!

Good Vibes – Nathan Trent

Nathan Trent has been a busy boy since his appearance at Eurovision this year, as he’s since released his Eurovision song in Italian and then Spanish. As much as we loved his entry, we were patiently waiting for some new music from the Austrian performer, and now our wish has been granted. Late September Nathan released the song Good Vibes, which unsurprisingly is giving us those good vibes. Nathan is the master of creating music that has just such a good feeling around it, and this summery tune is no exception.

Hayastan Jan – Iveta Mukuchyan

Again, this isn’t a super new song, but it’s fairly new to us making us wish we had discovered it earlier! Much like Hadise’s song earlier in this list, Iveta Mukuchyan is serving up some ethnic realness in this song which is hard to ignore. This style of song reminds us of fellow Armenian act Inga and Anush who have song after song in this very patriotic and traditional style. We’ve got the ethnic instrumentation which backs up Iveta’s powerful voice perfectly – it’s a song we can listen to over and over again!

She Don’t – Anton

Sometimes it’s better to have quality over quantity, and that seems to be the case with Anton who has released three singles over the last year or so. Although few, we’ve loved all of his releases, including his most recent which is called She Don’t. It’s a bit more of a hard hitting song both musically and lyrically, but the package as a whole is a quality pop song that could easily fit into the current charts. He has been featuring the electric guitar quite heavily in his recent songs which is giving him this edge that he didn’t have before, but we’re absolutely loving it.

Keep Me Coming Back – Guy Sebastian

I genuinely don’t think Guy Sebastian could put a foot wrong, and the proof is in all of his recent singles which are to form an album which is to be released in the coming days. One of the highlights for us was his single Keep Me Coming Back, which did just that. It’s such a simple song with a simple beat, but the charm is all in his voice and the melody he sings. The chorus is absolutely an earworm, and judging by his latest singles, his album will be full of catchy melodies. We also have to give an honourable mention to his song Stay in Bed which was just recently released and has already become the theme song of our life! How do you like your eggs?

Rainbow – Dihaj

The mysterious songstress from Azerbaijan has impressed us again with her and her bandmates’ album The End of Sunrise, which was released back in July. The song has a dark sound around it, but yet feels somewhat uplifting – it’s the combination of styles that makes the trio’s music hard to define but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We loved Rainbow, but the whole album is worth a listen if you like their style!

Let us know which songs from former Eurovision and national final artists you’ve been loving lately!

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