Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (43/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union brings you a specially curated playlist featuring songs recently released by Eurovision or National Final artists, and a few of our old favourites. This week, we’ve got a whole bunch of new songs from some of our favourite artists from both Eurovision and National finals!

Listen to the playlist here:

Let’s start the playlist with the Eurovision 2017 artists on this week’s playlist, starting with Kristian Kostov who has finally dropped a new single ‘Glubina,’ which has left us wanting more from the young star who finished in 2nd place at this year’s contest! Azerbaijani entrant Dihaj has also released music post Eurovision, and we’ve taken one of the songs off her album, the song titled Rainbow. We’ve also featured the Cypriot representative Hovig who released the acoustic version of his Eurovision entry, Gravity. One of our favourites for the year, Sunstroke Project have also released a new track recently titled Sun Gets Down, which you’ll find on this week’s playlist! Last but not least for the 2017 Eurovision participants is German act Levina, and this week we’ve got the acoustic version of her most recent single Stop Right There.

Continuing with our other Eurovision stars, including former winner Loreen who is on a streak of releasing new music. This week, it’s the song Hate the Way I Love You, which is likely to be a part of her upcoming album that we can’t wait for! Aussie artist Guy Sebastian is also releasing new music like it’s going out of fashion, but really it’s in preparation for his album release. This week we’ve included the song Stay In Bed, which we can definitely relate to! Italian artist Nina Zilli has just released a new album titled Modern Art, which we’ve taken the first track titled Domani Arriverà (Modern Art).

Montenegrin favourite Sergej Cetkovic has also released a new song lately, the track titled Oči Nikad Ne stare. A former Cypriot act from years past, Michalis Hatzigiannis has made this week’s playlist with the song Koita Me. Moving on to a former Hungarian representative, ByeAlex with one of our favourite songs of his discography titled Nekemte. From Latvian group Musiqq, we’ve got their new song which is titled Atbalss.

And there’s more new music! Belgian artist Laura Tesoro has just dropped her new single which is called Beast. French favourite from the same edition of Eurovision as Laura, Amir, has recently released a new album, and this week we’ve taken the song Sors de ma tĕte. We’ve got one half of the 2015 Norwegian act, Mørland with the song Skin.

Moving onto national finalists, we’ve got Molly Sanden who has released a follow up single to her last hit Rigg mot Rigg, and her new song is called Utan dig. Fellow Swedish artists De Vet Du have recently released a new album, and we’ve taken the song Fy Fan Va Stek. We’ve also got Swedish act Panetoz with one of their previous tunes titled Om. Icelandic national finalist Aron Hannes has also released a new song titled Morgunkoss. Last but not least we have a new song from Italian artist Noemi titled Autunno.

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!