2017 Junior Eurovision Review – Italy

Italy have had a short but fairly successful history at Junior Eurovision, with a win on debut back in 2014, and a third place last year with the charming young lady, Fiamma Boccia. With such a beautiful song to follow, the pressure will be on for Maria Iside Fiore who will be performing the song Scelgo (My Choice). It’s an inspirational tune which has many backing it, but will it bring the nation another Top 3 result?

I always have high standards for Italy, whether it’s Eurovision or Junior Eurovision and for the most part, the nation consistently sends quality music to the contest. Unfortunately, this entry doesn’t quite meet the probably unreasonable standards I have for Italy at the contest. As much as the lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, there’s something about the way the melody was put together that doesn’t seem to fit right. It might not even be the melody that’s off-putting as much as actual sound of the lyrics which feel somewhat abrupt in the song. I especially don’t enjoy the chorus and the repetition, it just feels so clumsily put together.

A lot of the feedback on this song is positive, however there’s a few comments mentioning the fact that this song seems to be missing a special something, and I totally agree. I think that a great stage performance could really make this stand out, but I don’t know if I can confidently say that this song will secure a Top 3 spot. Although I don’t perceive this to be an overly strong year for Junior Eurovision, there are songs that feel more put together and modern than this entry from Italy.

Overall, I can appreciate the support for this song but unfortunately it’s just not for me. I’m giving this a 3/10.

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