Junior Eurovision: Muireann McDonnell will fly the Irish flag!

A few months back, we reported that Ireland would be holding a national final to decide on their 2017 Junior Eurovision act. The shows to be broadcast were pre-recorded, with the winner already decided but left as a mystery to viewers. The plan was to keep it under wraps until the final to be broadcast only a week before the Junior Eurovision show, however Spotify has spoiled the surprise as the official Junior Eurovision album is released.

So far we’re still in the semi-final stage of the national selection so here’s a brief recap of the progress thus far. Each semi-final has seen 8 performers, and in the first semi-final, the top two were Muireann McDonnell and Judy Langan. The jury selected Muireann, and as such she would advance to the final.

In the second semi-final, the two top acts were Gwanaelle Noval and Aoife Goodson, and the jury selected Gwanaelle Noval.

In the third semi-final, Úna Ní Mhistéil and Holly Owens were the top two acts, and the jury selected Úna Ní Mhistéil.

Although the final was due to take place on the 19th of November, we now know that it will be semi-final 1 winner Muireann McDonnell who will sing the song Súile Glasa (Green Eyes).

This means we have the full line-up for Junior Eurovision 2017! If you think Ireland should win Junior Eurovision, make sure to show your support by voting in our Junior Eurovision poll here!