2017 Junior Eurovision Review – Cyprus

Despite participating in the contest numerous times since the debut of the contest, Cyprus still haven’t managed to crack the elusive Top 5, with their best result being 8th place both in 2004 and 2006. Cyprus keep trying each year, and maybe this will be the year for them with Nicole Nicolaou and her song I Wanna Be A Star. Could this be a winner, or at least their first Top 5 result?

Now that we know the running order of the show, I think Cyprus ended up in a positive spot although it being first. It’s one of the most energetic songs of the 2017 season that’s bound to get people up and dancing from the first second. The verses set up the song, but the catchiest part of the song is the melody of the chorus. Without such a catchy chorus, I think the song would have fell flat. The low part of the song is the bridge, where slowing the song down in that manner just feels out of place in the song, but she recovers with the big note that shines above all.

This is a song that probably could go either way on the night. It has the advantage of being a punchy and memorable entry that viewers will hear first, but the downside of being first is that there are other catchy entries throughout the song that might overtake this one, thinking specifically of entries such as Malta and Australia. As much as this probably deserves to get into the Top 5, I think that Cyprus might fall to the same fate as they have in previous years, especially back in 2014 where they deserved a Top 5 position, at least, but instead finished in 9th. It has the potential to do well, and might rely on the staging and just the luck on the night.

This isn’t my favourite entry of the year, but based on my other ratings for other entries, this fits in the 6.5/10 region.

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