Junior Eurovision 2017 Running Order Announced!

Last night marked the opening ceremony for Junior Eurovision 2017, where not only did the 16 competing entries get to strut their stuff down the red carpet, but the all-important running order for the show was revealed.

The nations drew for either first or last position. Host nation Georgia drew position number 9, and it will be Cyprus who will be opening the show, and Italy who will finish off the show.

The rest of the running order was decided by the show’s producers, and the final running order was approved by the EBU. Here is the order that the songs will be performed:

  1. Cyprus

  2. Poland

  3. The Netherlands

  4. Armenia

  5. Belarus

  6. Portugal

  7. Ireland

  8. F.Y.R. Macedonia

  9. Georgia

  10. Albania

  11. Ukraine

  12. Malta

  13. Russia

  14. Serbia

  15. Australia

  16. Italy

You can watch the entries in their performance order here:

Or catch up on the full opening ceremony here: