Czech Republic will host a National Final for Eurovision 2018

A nation with few successes at Eurovision, the Czech Republic are back in 2018 with the hopes of improving their often average results and turn them into something worth boasting about. To do this, the Czech broadcaster have chosen to host a public selection rather than choose their act through an internal selection as they have for the last few years.

In total, over 400 entries were submitted to the broadcaster from a range of different producers and performers, including 36 Czech authors. The last time a national final was held in the Czech Republic was 10 years ago, and since then, things have changed slightly. For 2018, viewers will be able to influence the voting through the official Eurovision app. There will also be an international jury who will help choose the act.

So who is competing? We know that there will be six entries of diverse genres, but we don’t know officially who is competing. There have been reports that Jakub Ondra and Mikolas Josef are among the six acts, but we’ll wait to confirm when the broadcaster officially announces the acts!

Will the renewed national final format help bring success to the often unsuccessful Czech Republic?

Watch their 2017 entry here: