Festivali i Këngës Semi-Final Allocation and Running Order Revealed!

A month ago we found out who would be participating in Albania’s long running song festival turned Eurovision selection Festivali i Këngës, and as the date for the contest quickly approaches, we now know more about who will be participating in which semi-final, and who will be appearing as guest performers.

The semi-final allocation has seen the 22 acts been split into the two semi-finals which will take place on the 21st and 22nd of December, with the final to take place on the 23rd. The allocation has also seemed to have split the fan favourites fairly across the two semi-finals, so perhaps we will be seeing a strong final on the 23rd!

Here’s the running order:

Semi-final 1

  1. Elton Deda

  2. Mariza Ikonomi

  3. Endri & Stefi Prifti

  4. Evans Rama

  5. David & Genc Tukici

  6. Voltan Prodani

  7. Eugent Bushpepa

  8. Rezarta Smaja & Luis Ejlli

  9. Bojken Lako

  10. Manjola Nallbani

  11. Redon Makashi

Semi-final 2

  1. Orgesa Zaimi

  2. Denisa Gjezo

  3. Grupi NA & Festina Mezini

  4. Lorela Sejdini

  5. Artemisa Mithi

  6. Ergi Bregu

  7. Akullthyesit

  8. Xhesika Polo

  9. Inis Neziri

  10. Tiri Gjoci

  11. Grupi Lynx

It’s still not confirmed how many acts will make it to the final, but it seems that few will miss out with the estimate being either 14 or 16 of the acts which will continue through to the final. The eventual winner of the contest will go on to represent Albania at Eurovision in 2018.

The competing participants aren’t the only performers to take to the stage, as we can expect some very special guests across all three nights. On the first night there will be a duet with Riccardo Cocciante, the Italian singer who guided Elhaida Dani on The Voice of Italy, and Elhaida herself.

On the second evening, we’ll see Kejsi Tola and Flaka Krelani who will perform a range of worldwide hits and tradition Albanian tunes with the Kelly Guga Band. Other stars we’ll be seeing on stage include Elsa Lila, Alban Skenderaj, Adelina Ismaili and former Eurovision participant Aurela Gace.