Poland wins Eurovision Young Dancers 2017!

Although it remains as one of the less popular contests after Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, Eurovision Young Dancers is no less spectacular as proven by the contest that took place over the weekend in the Czech Republic.

A total of eight young dancers from across Europe took to the stage to perform their pre-prepared choreography to be judged by a world-class panel which featured Daria Kilmentová, Ambra Succi and Itzik Galili.

Here’s the list of participants with their entry titles:

  • Czech Republic – Michal Vach – Monologue

  • Germany – Danila Kapustin – Desde Otello

  • Malta – Denise Buttigieg – Q.W

  • Norway – Anna Louise Amundsen

  • Poland – Paulina Bidzińska – La Certa

  • Portugal – Raquel Fidalgo – Esquiva

  • Slovenia – Patricija Crnkovič – Disintegration

  • Sweden – Christoffer Collins – Solo-X

In the competition only the top two acts get announced, and these two acts continue to a super final, as such, where they perform for 45 seconds each. The two best acts according to the judges were Slovenia and Poland, Patricija Crnkovič and Paulina Bidzińska respectively.

The winner of the show was decided to be Poland’s Paulina Bidzińska! Interestingly, this was the same duel as the last contest which took place in 2015, where it was Slovenia and Poland in the final two, with Poland also winning the 2015 contest! This win means that Poland has now won the contest three times, and are second to Spain in the winners by country list.

The winner Paulina was born in 1998 and has been dancing since she was a child, but started her ballet education at the age of nine. Her Eurovision performace titled La Certa was a mixture of classic and modern styles, and was choreographed by Jacek Przybyłowicz.

Paulina commented on her win, saying ‘I’m surprised and I want to say thank you. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m very happy. The most important thing about this competition is meeting other dancers and seeing other styles. We can learn a lot from this experience. This was a big chance to show my skills and I hope that this win will bring some new experiences.’

Watch a recap of all the performances here, as well as the winning solo: