Bulgaria reveals the list of song titles in the running for Eurovision 2018!

Bulgaria definitely weren’t considered as one of the strongest Eurovision nations, with only one final qualification between their debut year of 2005 and 2013. After taking a two year break, Bulgaria came back refreshed and ready to take the contest on, and they did exactly that with a 4th place with Poli Genova and the song If Love Was a Crime. In 2017, Bulgaria refined their national selection process further to produce Kristian Kostov with the song Beautiful Mess, which landed them in 2nd place.

With the nation going from strength to strength, the nation’s broadcaster BNT are working hard at producing the 2018 Eurovision act, which perhaps could be their winning act judging by their last two results. The submission period for the entries closed on the 29th of December, and BNT have now released more details about what has been received, and what we can expect.

In total, 202 songs were received for the 2018 edition of Eurovision, however similar to the 2017 selection, the broadcaster is focusing on the entire package, including the song, singer and staging. As such, out of those 202 songs came 13 projects. The broadcaster has emphasised that it’s about the quality rather than the quantity, proving that they’re in it to win it.

Some of the other details released include that there are a total of 5 joint Bulgarian and international teams, as well as 3 international artists involved in the selection process. Interestingly, we can also see that there will be one returning artist. We don’t yet know who this could be, whether it’s a returning artist from Bulgaria or abroad, but perhaps we could be seeing a return from someone in next year’s Eurovision!

The nation has also released the names of all 13 songs that are in contention, and have begun releasing more details about the songs without actually releasing the songs themselves. This has created a lot of interest among fans, and will hopefully keep the momentum going until we find out who will be representing Bulgaria in Lisbon in 2018.

Here is the list of competing songs:

  • A New Home

  • Bad News

  • Bones

  • Choosing

  • Cold as Ice

  • Collide

  • Colours

  • Love Never Lies

  • Lovers to Enemies

  • Rebirth

  • Sky Symphony

  • Two Hearts Collide

  • You Will Be the Change

From today onwards, the hints will be dropped on the songs and what we could expect from them, for now here is what has been revealed:

The projects will be assessed internally by various focus groups who will then make their decision by the 31st of January. Unfortunately for Eurovision fans, we’ll have to wait until the 12th of March until we can see the results of the broadcaster’s hard work. Between the 31st of January and the 12th of March, the song will be produced and polished, ready for release.

Stay tuned for more news on the Bulgarian selection! Watch the 2017 entry here: