Poll Results: Here are your current Eurovision 2018 favourites!

We recently launched a poll to decide which of the currently selected songs are your favourites, but also which of the artists who haven’t yet released their songs are the most promising for you. Well, the results are in, and it certainly has been a close race overall!

Let’s start with the results of your favourite Eurovision 2018 song so far, and this really was a nail biter of a result. With only a handful of votes between each of the top voted acts, we could see that there isn’t yet a strong favourite, so perhaps we haven’t found the winning 2018 song yet!

Your favourite song so far is….

Tu canción – Amaia & Alfred (Spain)

The romance is real on this one, and it seems you guys are totally buying the understated beauty of this Spanish ballad. It’s perhaps one of Spain’s most promising entries in a while, and running on the back of Salvador’s win, this could be one to watch.

In second place was Denmark with Rasmussen and the song Higher Ground, and in third was France with Madame Monsieur and the song Mercy!

Now to your favourite artist so far, and it’s a hard one to judge since we haven’t actually heard the exact songs these artists will be singing. However, we know a little bit about the artists, and we know what their musical styles are, so we can’t help but be hopeful for these artists!

Your favourite artist so far is…

Saara Aalto (Finland)

Ok, so, this probably isn’t much of a surprise but yes, Saara Aalto is currently your favourite Eurovision 2018 artist. She has definitely had the most hype around her in comparison to the other acts, well at least it’s the most visible to us, and we think that hype is totally justified.

Stay tuned for our next poll, coming soon!