Romania Concludes Their Semi-Finals: Here are the Last Qualifiers!

Over the last month, Romania has been going through their 60 long list of semi-finalists to find their next Eurovision artist, and this week the fifth and final semi-final took place, with the last three qualifiers decided.

This week’s semi-final took place in Sighişoara, and as in previous weeks, the decision of who would qualify to the final was up to five jury members, who are Liliana Ştefan, Viorel Gavrilă, Ilinca Băcilă, Nicu Patoi and Marian Ionescu.

Here are the competitors of the last semi-final:

  • Manuel Chivari – Somebody to love

  • Maria Suciu – Sweet nothing

  • Evermorph – Live your life

  • Dora Gaitanovici – Fără tine

  • Tomer Cohen – Baby you’re the only one

  • Sergiu Bolotă – Every little thing

  • Alexandru Ungureanu – Sail with me

  • Iliana – I won’t lie

  • Teodora Dinu – Fly

  • The Humans – Goodbye

  • SAVE – All we need

  • Denisa Trofin – Tears

Now let’s get to the voting! Each jury member voted from zero to 8, then 10 and 12 points.

Top 3 votes from Liliana Ştefan: Teodora Dinu, The Humans, Dora Gaitanovici

Top 3 votes from Viorel Gavrilă: The Humans, Teodora Dinu, Dora Gaitanovici

Top 3 votes from Ilinca Băcilă:  The Humans, Teodora Dinu, Dora Gaitanovici

Top 3 votes from Nicu Patoi: The Humans, Dora Gaitanovici, Teodora Dinu

Top 3 votes from Marian Ionescu: The Humans, Teodora Dinu, Dora Gaitanovici

As you can see, the votes were pretty unanimous this week, with all five judges awarding their top three points to the same three acts. In this way, there were no close calls, with these three acts cruising through to the final unchallenged.

Here is the full final line-up:

  • Alexia & Matei – Walking On Water

  • Claudia Andas – The one

  • Echoes – Mirror

  • Eduard Santha – Me Som Romales

  • Erminio Sinni & Titziana Camelin – All The Love Away

  • Feli – Bună de iubit

  • Jukebox feat Bella Santiago – Auzi Cum Bate

  • MIHAI – Heaven

  • RAFAEL & FRIENDS – We Are One

  • TIRI – Deşert de sentimente

  • VYROS – La La La

  • Xandra – Try

  • The Humans – Goodbye

  • Teodora Dinu – Fly

  • Dora Gaitanovici – Fără tine

The final will take place on the 25th of February in the nation’s capital Bucharest. The jury has decided on all these finalists over the last five semi-finals, but in the final it will be up to the public at home to choose their next Eurovision representative!

Watch this week’s qualifiers here: