March on in! Here’s your Guide to the Eurovision Song Releases!

Over the last few months, a handful of competing nations have released details on their internally selected artists, but we’ve been waiting for news on when their songs will be released! As we’ve now crossed out of February and into March, we’re now getting the news of when these songs will be released. As we know, the songs all have to be submitted within the coming weeks, so expect an explosion of new tunes!

We’ll start with the song which will be released in a matter of hours, and that’s the Cypriot entry to be sung by Eleni Foureira. Her song is called Fuego, and judging by her album art, this is going to be one EPIC tune. Update: here’s the song! 

Early on in the Eurovision season, we learnt that Waylon will be returning to Eurovision, this time as a soloist after last time performing as part of The Common Linnets. Over the last couple of weeks, Waylon has been premiering his potential Eurovision entries on the show De Wereld Draait Door, but we’ll know which of the entries he will be performing at Eurovision within the next two days. Update: here’s the song!

On Sunday we’ll be hearing the Eurovision entry from Azerbaijan. It’s been a while since Aisel was chosen as their representative, so the wait better be worth it! Aisel has been working with music experts and travelled across Europe to work on her potential entries of which she narrowed it down to three. These three entries faced a focus group of members across Europe who had to either like or dislike the tracks, and from this procedure a clear favourite emerged, and it’s this song that will be released on the 4th of March at 12:00 CET. Update: Here’s the song!

On the 6th of March we’ll be hearing the song from Sennek, who we first introduced as Laura Groeseneken. Laura decided to go by her performing name of Sennek when she represents Belgium at Eurovision this year, but regardless of the name, what we’re excited about is her song release. She had previously described her entry as a pop song, but not as we would expect, so we’re excited to see what she’s come up with! Update: here’s the song!

Austria were also early to announce their Eurovision artist Cesár Sampson, meaning the wait for the song release would feel like an eternity! We also knew the title of the song quite early on, with the title being Nobody But You. The press will get to hear the entry the day earlier, but for me and you, we’ll have to wait until March 9th. Update: Here’s the song!

Not too long ago, Israel selected their Eurovision act after a long national final process. The nation decided on Netta Barzilai, a unique artist who deserves something out of the box for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – out of the toy box, perhaps? Sorry for the bad joke, but the song is actually called Toy, and was written by Doron Medalie, the same name behind both Golden Boy and Made of Stars, alongside Stav Beger. The song will be in English, and it will be presented on the 10th of March. Update: Here’s the song!

The following day we’ll get to hear the song from the internally selected act, Eye Cue who will be representing FYR Macedonia this year. Their entry is titled Lost and Found, and it will be premiered on radio and television on the 11th of March.

Bulgaria have teased us with their potential song titles, but we’ll have to wait until the 12th of March to know who and what song will be representing the recently successful Eurovision nation.

The Unknowns – There are a handful of nations yet to announce when their songs will be released, or if they have, they’ve kept it pretty quiet. Some have released snippets, such as Croatia, but others have yet to announce anything other than their artist. Here’s what we know about the unknowns: