Don’t Play with Netta Barzilai! Listen to Israel’s Entry ‘Toy’ Here!

Earlier in the Eurovision national final season, we saw Netta Barzilai become Israel’s next star, and subsequently Israel’s next Eurovision representative. With a unique style, we were all expecting something out of the box for her entry, and Netta has delivered something really quite interesting.

In true Eurovision song release style, the song was leaked before the official release, and almost immediately we saw Israel rise to the top of the odds. The song, Toy, is said to be inspired by the movement of female empowerment, but we have never seen the message been displayed in such a unique way.

The song has very quickly become the marmite entry of this year, with some loving it, and some hating it, but we’ll leave that judgement up to you (well that is until we post our reviews!). Watch the official video below and make sure to tell us what you think!