Albania releases Revamp of Eurovision Entry ‘Mall’

Rewind back to 2017, where we watched Albania select their winning Festivali i Këngës song, which would go on to represent Albania at Eurovision this year. As we all know, the winner was Eugent Bushpepa with the song Mall, but the problem with the song was that it didn’t quite meet the 3 minute length requirement for Eurovision, so we’ve been expecting the revamp and cut of the song for a while now!

Now that all the songs for this year’s contest are released, Albania has decided to join the party and release the revamp of their song, which now runs for the required 3 minutes. Unlike in previous years, Albania has chosen to keep their entry in Albanian language rather than switch over to English, which is a refreshing change!

Overall the essence of the song remains, however within the first minute there are some noticeable changes in regards to the structure of the song, which you’ll be able to hear in the official video below.

Photo credit: Armejsa