Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #7

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

1. Tifældigt – Basim (=)

It’s unsurprising that this song is hanging around our top spot, having been our number one Chart Topper for now 6 weeks, and has been in our Chart Toppers since it was released. It truly is our favourite song of the moment.

2. Serio – Emis Killa feat. Capo Plaza (=)

Another song that’s held its position for 6 weeks is Serio by Emis Killa, which before Tifældigt hit our number one, was number one itself, but now is a close second. It’s got an addictive melody, what else can we say!

3. Cry – Dotter (↑6)

Dotter has been in and out of our Chart Toppers since her Melodifestivalen entry was released on Spotify, but in the last two weeks since our last Chart Toppers has really grown to be a strong favourite. Turning the volume up on this one is a must – the louder the better!

4. Perdonami – Salmo (↑6)

He’s back in our spotlight once again (although he never really left) and we’re happy to have Salmo back in our Top 5 Chart Toppers! It’s the short but sweet Italian rap song that’s been consistently in our Chart Toppers playlists since we began this journey at the start of the year!

5. Nobody But You – César Sampson (↑9)

We reviewed Austria’s Eurovision entry not too long ago, and it’s definitely one of our favourites of the year. We’ve had a few car karaoke sessions with this song, that’s for sure! We see this hanging around our Chart Toppers for a while to come, and hallelujah for that!

6. Comme Ci Comme Ça – Basim (=)

What a surprise to see Basim here again… not! If you’ve been following our Chart Toppers, you might be bored of seeing Basim here, but truth is, we have an addiction problem – an addiction to Basim’s music. Still in love with this song!

7. Aji Aji – Basim (=)

Same story, all of Basim’s new tracks are songs that we’d never skip on a playlist and it doesn’t look like the addiction is going to fade anytime soon. Just you wait until he releases an album, we’ll have to change to Chart Toppers Basim edition!

8. Bones – Equinox (=)

This is another song that totally benefits from turning the volume up in the car, and it’s definitely had some car karaoke since its release on Spotify! It’s dark, it’s mysterious and it’s one of our favourite Eurovision entries of 2018.

9. Habibi Aiwa – Gilli (RETURN)

Gilli is back on our radar after a brief break from our Chart Toppers, but we’re loving the Danish and Middle Eastern mix of this song! There’s something about this beat that sucks us in every. single. time.

10. Tanker – Basim (NEW)

Oh look, it’s a new Basim song! This one’s a bit different to the other three releases, as it’s a bit more relaxed, and less of that Middle Eastern sound that we’ve come to expect from Basim. Despite that, this has been getting a fair bit of airplay in our playlists.

11. Dance You Off – Benjamin Ingrosso (↓8)

It’s taken a bit of a drop since last Chart Toppers, but don’t fear, we’re still loving the Swedish Eurovision entry this year! It’s up there with our favourites, but we won’t go into it too much since our review will be coming up soon on Eurovision Union!

12. Qami – Sevak Khanagyan (NEW)

There is a God, because Qami is now on Spotify! We’re always up for an ethno ballad, and this is currently our favourite option. When we hit that last minute, we’re belting out those big notes alongside Sevak, although we admit he hits those notes a lot better than us!

13. Tranquillo – Gilli (NEW)

This is a super new track for us, and it’s Gilli’s second song in our Chart Toppers this fortnight. We’re just a sucker for that smooth beat and smooth vocals. It’s a hit in Denmark, and it’s certainly a hit with us so far, but we’ll see where it ends up next Chart Toppers!

14. A Matter of Time – Sennek (NEW)

Writing our Eurovision review of the Belgian entry really reminded us of how much we enjoy this song, and since then it’s been stuck in our brain. I suppose it was just a matter of time before we featured this song in our Chart Toppers – better late than never!

15. Fuego – Eleni Foureira (↓10)

Cyprus is hot as fire this year, and you guessed it, it’s one of our favourites of this year’s competition. This is the ultimate song to get you pumped up, and this week we’ve seen the demo of Helena Paparizou singing this song but we think our girl Eleni slays this better than anyone could!

16. Never Learn – Olivia Eliasson (NEW)

This song is a slow burn for us, and although Melodifestivalen ended a while ago, we’re finally catching onto this song and have been enjoying it more and more. We can’t wait to see what else Olivia has coming in the future, because her voice is killer!

17. Every Single Day – Felix Sandman (↓4)

The bromance between Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman has been giving us life, but we do have to give credit Felix’s 2nd place Melodifestivalen song as well, since it’s pretty dang good. While we don’t think about this song every single day, when the mood strikes, it’s perfection.

18. Guersace – Gue Pequeno (↑2)

He’s one of the OG’s of our Chart Toppers, and Gue Pequeno is hanging around for another week or two! We still love this song, especially the choruses – definitely an addictive melody!

19. Mamma Mia – LOUKA  (↓7)

It’s taken a bit of a hit this week, but the French Italian mix of this song is still on our radar. It’s outlasted the other Destination Eurovision songs in our Chart Toppers, so does that make it out favourite? Perhaps, but what we do know is that it’s a great song.

20. All The Feels – Renaida (↓5)

Although this song is not giving us all the feels right now, it’s certainly still giving us some of the feels, when the mood strikes. Her voice is certainly incredible, and the smoothness of the first verse sucks us in for the full three minutes.