Four More Artists Revealed for Eurovision: Australia Decides

The next four participants of Eurovision: Australia Decides are now known. Broadcaster SBS revealed the names, as well as launching a competition to find the next participant on TikTok!

Earlier in the season, SBS announced the first six participants of the competition. Those participants are:

Joining them are Charley, Seann Miley Moore, Voyager and Jude York.


“Eurovision has always seemed so out of reach, but now I feel one step closer by performing at Eurovision – Australia Decides on the Gold Coast. I’m so excited as my family and I are huge fans and I can’t wait to do them proud. I wrote my song two and a half years ago about my biggest heartbreak, so being able to turn something so dark into something beautiful is a really special moment for me.”

Seann Miley Moore

“I don’t stand here like ‘I want to be different’, ‘I want to be unique’, or ‘I want to wear all this to be seen and heard.’ I stand here as a proud queer man, a proud brown man and most importantly, a proud Australian – it comes down to authenticity and happiness. Doing all these things make me happy. They make me feel alive. That’s what matters. Eurovision is about celebrating your pride and I’m ready to give you all the fabulous joy baby! EveryBODY is welcome in Seann Miley Moore’s world – so Australia, pack your bags, we’re going to the Gold Coast! xoxo SMM.”

Voyager’s Danny Estrin (vocals and keytar)

“Eurovision is the greatest show on earth, so getting a chance to represent Western Australia and to showcase our keytar driven brand of heavy music is one of the most exciting and surreal opportunities to ever come our way!! So, thank you Australia for giving us the opportunity to take you on a voyage with us in what has been a lifelong dream.”

Jude York

“When I found out that my song was selected from the portal, I was already incredibly honoured and excited. Now to know that I’m also performing it live on one of Australia’s biggest platforms is more than I could have possibly asked for! The song is all about believing that dreams do come true, and I feel like mine really are right now!”

In addition with these four participants, SBS will also feature a TikTok wildcard act. Anyone over the age of 16 years can participate. Interested acts can post a vocal clip up to one minute long with the hashtag, #EurovisionAustralia on TikTok. A panel of industry experts will determine the winner, and they will join the Eurovision: Australia Decides line-up. The TikTok contest runs until Sunday 16th January. There are no restrictions on how many clips can be entered by the same artist.

The show will also feature a special interval act. Norwegian fan favourite from 2019 KEiiNO will perform at the national final. They will also be touring Australia. The group said, ‘We can’t wait to perform during Eurovision – Australia Decides, as the first stop of our Australian tour! To be guest-starring in this impressive line-up of artists is a true honour, and we promise to put on a show that will bring back memories of 2019 and turn them into an epic moment of 2022. The Australian audience is amazing, so there’s no other place in the world we’d rather be than on Gold Coast the last weekend of February!’