Eurovision 2018 Lyrics Quiz: Part 2!

It’s been a while now since we’ve been introduced to all 43 competing entries for this year’s Eurovision, so we’ve all had plenty of time to binge listen to the songs. So, let’s test out your knowledge with our Eurovision 2018 lyrics quiz!

I tore down my walls, and wrecked the ceiling ready to bare it all:
Under the Ladder
Funny Girl
I’m gonna roll the dice, you better believe it:
Light Me Up
Lost and Found
I’ll take you down I’ll make you watch me:
I Won’t Break
Sins of the fathers make us fall, and I can’t do anything about it:
When we’re old
It has always been now or never:
Under the Ladder
Dance You Off
If you think that you don’t count, let me prove you different now:
X My Heart
Into the unknown where no other love goes:
Nobody But You
We Got Love
Every little thought will lead me right back to you:
You Let Me Walk Alone
My Lucky Day
A Matter of Time
Most már ideje visszakapnom amiket elvettél:
Hvala, Ne!
Viszlát Nyár
You got secrets to unfold, you got stories never told:
X My Heart
My Lucky Day
Our Choice

Stay tuned for our next Eurovision 2018 Lyrics quiz! Tell us in the comments how many you got right!