Weekly Poll Results #5: Here are the current results of our Eurovision 2018 poll!

Just over a month ago, we launched our Eurovision 2018 poll, where we asked you to vote for your favourite acts in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Over the national final season, we held some prediction polls, and we have to give it to you, you guys are good at predicting! So, we want to see if you can predict the Eurovision 2018 results too!

We’ve been doing weekly recaps to see which acts are at the top of the poll, predominately in the Top 10. Some acts are firm in their positions, but others have only votes between them, and have been moving in and out of the Top 10.

This week, we haven’t seen too many major changes (unlike last week), but we’ve seen a few of the acts change position in the Top 10. Since last week, we’ve kept the same Top 3 positions of Finland’s Saara Aalto, whose lead is growing, now at almost 30% of the vote. In second is Netta Barzilai representing Israel, who has lost some of her hold of the vote, with now just under 10% of the vote. In third is still Alexander Rybak, who raced up to third place through the last 2 weeks, and he now holds just over 9% of vote.

Throughout the Top 10, we’ve seen Ukraine jump back ahead of Cyprus, and we’ve seen Czech Republic enter back into the Top 10, pushing Italy out.

Your current Top 10 is:

  • Finland – Saara Aalto

  • Israel – Netta Barzilai

  • Norway – Alexander Rybak

  • Bulgaria – Equinox

  • Ukraine – Melovin

  • Cyprus – Eleni Foureira

  • Spain – Alfred & Amaia

  • Greece – Gianna Terzi

  • France – Madame Monsieur

  • Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef

Does this match your Top 10? If not, make sure to get voting in our poll, which you can find here!