Rehearsal Day 1 – Azerbaijan

It’s been an action packed first day in the Eurovision arena for the first of the rehearsals, and we’ve been there to cover it all! Each day, we aim to bring an in-depth recap of the happenings of the day, including summaries and thoughts on the rehearsals of each act. Here’s the action from Day 1!


First up in today’s rehearsals was Azerbaijan, who as you’ll know is represented by Aisel and her song X My Heart. Being first up in the running order, we were expecting something pretty spectacular from the Azerbaijani crew, and with first impressions, they are on track to deliver a great show opener.


The stage is primarily blue throughout the performance, which in hindsight is probably one of the more visually appealing colours in reference to this year’s stage. On the stage, there are a series of what looks like to be little mountains, or perhaps even comparable to the sails of the Sydney Opera House, of which Aisel begins the song on, and then throughout the performance they are used by both her and the backing artists.

After a brief part of the performance alone, Aisel is then joined by four backing vocalists who significantly aid in the vocals of the performance. The staging is somewhat unexpected considering the themes of the song, and the vibe of the music video, but nonetheless, it’s a very visually appealing stage performance.

We can also expect the use of wind and smoke machines in this performance.


Probably one of the better costumes of today, Aisel and her team were dressed in white, with Aisel wearing a bodysuit covered in a layer of a flowy chiffon material. She uses this as part of her performance, lifting the flowy extensions of her costume, which at times came across on camera as quite a bizarre movement.


Keeping in mind that this is a first rehearsal, comparatively, Aisel was one of the weaker vocalists of the day. The backing vocalists definitely lifted the performance, as at times Aisel fell a bit flat. It’s also important to keep in mind that she was first up, and it was still relatively early in the morning.

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