2015 Reviews – Malta – Amber – Warrior

Malta, as per usual, was one of the first countries to choose their song for the 2015 contest. Amongst tough competition, Amber won the votes and the right to represent Malta for the 60th anniversary of Eurovision. However, this is not Amber’s first Eurovision appearance – Remember the backing singer for Kurt Calleja? Well, that’s Amber. This year, she will be singing a bit more than one line, with the song Warrior.

The song got a considerable revamp, and I don’t actually think I like it that much. When first chosen, even though it was one of only a few chosen songs, but I felt like it had a much stronger following, but now, it seems to be under the radar. For me, the song has slipped in my rankings quite considerably, more because other songs surpassed it, not wholly because the revamp changed it in a quite underwhelming way.

Live, Amber is quite powerful, and that will translate into votes for sure. Whether it will be enough to qualify, I don’t know. I think it will, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t. In the new version though, it does feel like she’s trying too hard. She has quite a similar voice to Elhaida Dani, but I think Elhaida scored a better song! As such, I’m going to give this song a 5.5/10.

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