Rehearsal Day 2 – Switzerland

Yesterday was a huge first day in the Eurovision arena, with the first 10 artists taking to the stage for the first rehearsals. Today we’ve got the next round of artists from the first semi-final, and it features some of the contest favourites! Here’s the action from Day 2!


Switzerland are due for a good result, and this year it’s up to Zibbz with their performance of Stones. The sibling duo are working the folk rock vibes on stage as expected, and this could definitely be up there in the qualifiers. It’s hard to tell, but I would still leave room in the 10 for this.


No illuminated triangles for Zibbz this time around, but instead the main focus is the drummer perched up on a platform, with the duo together on stage at the beginning of the performance. We see a percussion stick thrown, which then allows Coco to work the stage, of which she does for the majority of the performance. She definitely comes across as really natural on stage, and she moves really fluidly.

The other big moment of the song is where she lights up a flare, and proceeds to address the audience, asking anyone who’s ever been hurt to put up their hands. *slowly raises hand* In the final moments as well, we see Coco step up onto the drum and then the duo finish together on stage.


We don’t see too much of Stefan’s costuming since he’s behind the percussion, but the real star is Coco who is wearing a very folk inspired crop top with strings around the waist, and also low riding jeans, exposing her toned body. She has her signature hat on stage with her, and her purposely messy wavy hair. It’s a pretty attractive package overall, as it comes across on camera really well.


This is a lot better than the national final, with her vocals really proving to be a lot more impactful but still edgy. We see at times she’s improvising the vocals, and doing it very well. The backing vocals on this are also really tight, which is definitely helping the overall feel of the song.

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