Rehearsal Day 3 – Moldova

We’re up to Day 3 here in the press centre for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and over the last two days we’ve seen all 19 competing acts in the first semi-final take to the stage for their first rehearsals. Today, we’ve got the first half of the second semi-final, starting with Norway and ending in Australia! Follow the action here with us at Eurovision Union!


Coming off the back of their best result ever, the pressure is on Moldova to back up their good results with something new, and after seeing today’s rehearsal, we think that Moldova is set for another good results with a song we perhaps didn’t see the potential in before…


Where do we even begin with this…? Let us try and describe the magic of this performance. There’s an unassuming white boxed prop on stage with various doors of various sizes, where throughout the performance we see different illusions and different humorous actions.

With the illusions, it becomes clear that the three artists are not on stage alone, and they’re joined by three backing artists in identical outfits, which is revealed completely towards the end of the performance.

The other notable thing about this performance is the use of sexual innuendo throughout the entire three minutes, especially with the use of the prop doors, where we only specifically see certain things at certain times which for the most part correspond to the lyrics of the song.

The stage is lit in primarily yellow tones, and as for the camera angles, perhaps not all are flattering to the performance, especially when the shot needs to encompass all three artists on stage. Even in the second run through, the angles didn’t flatter the performance, and it didn’t make sense in relation to the doors opening. Despite that, these are things that can be remedied fairly easily, what can’t be changed is chemistry and these three definitely have it.


We have one member of the group wearing a blue suit, one with a red suit, and the female singer wearing a yellow dress. It’s both slick and simple, and it works with the fun nature of the song. Perhaps if they’re going to play on the idea of having an ‘identical’ backing artist, the styling needs to be exactly the same, which it was in terms of outfit, but for example, the lead female’s hair was straight, while the backing vocalist had curly hair. It’s the simple things that could perhaps take this song to another level again.


For me, this was the weakest part of the performance. The strength was definitely in the staging, and as a result perhaps we lost a bit in the vocals. I don’t think they were bad by any means, but they just didn’t seem to reach the heights of some of their previous promotional performances. I’ll be watching closely in the second rehearsal to see how this plays out.

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