Weekly Poll Results #7: Here are the current results of our Eurovision 2018 poll!

A little while back, we launched our Eurovision 2018 poll, where we aimed to find out which of this year’s competing acts were your favourites, and who you thought would win the contest. Since Eurovision fans are pretty good at predicting, we want to see how close you can get to the final result!

Each week we’ve been giving you a recap of who is forming the Top 10 as voted by you, and the changes we see from week to week. Now that we’ve reached rehearsals (and you can read our coverage of the rehearsals here), favourites will change, so let’s see if it’s impacted our poll!

Well, we really haven’t seen too many changes this week. We’ve still got Saara Aalto on top of the poll, leading with over 27% of the vote. In second is Alexander Rybak, who after rehearsals actually lifted to second place in the bookies odds, so you’ve picked it before it’s even happened! He is holding over 14% of the vote as of now. In third is still Netta Barzilai, who dropped a place last week to make way for Alexander Rybak. Netta is now holding over 8% of the vote.

Other than that, the other acts in our Top 10 are predominately holding their positions, but as we mentioned last week, there are only a matter of votes between the acts, so things can change with a blink of an eye!

Your current Top 10 is:

  • Finland – Saara Aalto

  • Norway – Alexander Rybak

  • Israel – Netta Barzilai

  • Bulgaria – Equinox

  • Ukraine – Melovin

  • Spain – Alfred & Amaia

  • Cyprus – Eleni Foureira

  • Greece – Gianna Terzi

  • France – Madame Monsieur

  • Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef

Does this match your Top 10? If not, make sure to get voting in our poll, which you can find here!

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