Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #11

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

  1. Toy – Netta (NEW)

It’s definitely a Eurovision 2018 themed Chart Toppers this fortnight, but with songs that we didn’t listen to much in the lead up to the contest. This is a prime example of that, and although Israel wasn’t my number 1 song (in fact it was far from it), the fact that it’s now my most listened to over the last two weeks proves that any song can grow on you! Ouch!

2. No Excuses – Ralph Felix ft. Anton Ewald (↓1)

This collaboration track was definitely still my preferred dance bop of this fortnight. There are no excuses to not like this song, it’s just so uplifting AND it features Anton, what more could you want?

3. Dance You Off (Extended Version) – Benjamin Ingrosso (NEW)

What’s better than 3 minutes of Dance You Off? More than 3 minutes of Dance You Off! The three minute version of this song has gone up and down in our Chart Toppers over the last few months, but now with the extended version, we know it will be hanging around for a little longer.

4. Tanker – Basim (↓2)

What’s a Top 5 without Basim, right? As much as we love his more middle-eastern inspired tracks, sometimes we just want the relaxed vibes of this song, especially after doing car karaoke for the previous three tracks! It’s just a smooth melody, mixed with Basim’s voice, it’s the perfect match.

5. Wrong Turn – Blanche (NEW)

This track is not only new to our Chart Toppers, but also new in general. It’s a very fresh release, and already it’s in our Top 5. We almost forgot how unique but charming Blanche’s voice is, but this has been a firm reminder of her talent. Wrong turn? More like Right turn!

6. Nova Lisboa – Dino d’Santiago (=)

This track is us hanging onto our Lisbon holiday! This takes us back to the charming streets of Lisbon, and again a track with more of a relaxed vibe to contrast the big pop numbers we also love. There’s something about the beat with the melody that is truly hypnotising!

7. Tifældigt – Basim (↑1)

This song along with the next two by Basim have been featured so many times in our Chart Toppers that we’re running out of ways to introduce them to you! If this is your first time checking out our Chart Toppers, our love for Basim is real.

8. Aji Aji – Basim (↑2)

See above!

9. Comme Ci Comme Ça – Basim  (=)

See above x 2!

10. Forever – Alekseev (NEW)

This is an unexpected like, as the Belarusian Eurovision entry was far from our radar before the contest. Well, times have changed, and this epic track has been getting a fair bit of airplay! I don’t think it will be one of those songs I’ll love FOREEVAAAAAHHHH but for now, it’s a thumbs up.

11. Serio – Emis Killa ft. Capo Plaza (↑1)

I’m serious when I say this song is still a favourite. It’s dropped a bit in the last few editions of our Chart Toppers, but it’s still very much on the radar. Capo Plaza is currently dominating the Italian charts, so for once we can say we’re on trend!

12. Perdonami – Salmo (↓7)

Well, Perdonami was on the charts when it was released… that counts, right? It might have dropped off the Italian charts (at least on Spotify) but it hasn’t dropped out of the Eurovision Union Chart Toppers, and what’s more important? Still so much love for this track!

13. Concrete – AMAYA (↓10)

This is another track taking a bit of a hit this fortnight, and it’s not that we’ve been listening to it less, it’s just been overtaken by the other wonderful songs. It’s a very competent pop number, and if this is the direction Amaya is going, all we can say is keep ‘em coming.

14. Secrets – Nathan Trent (NEW)

Nathan Trent releases a non-catchy song challenge. Impossible, am I right? Catchy beats mixed with a catchy melody and good vocals is a recipe for a hit, and this new track from the former Austrian Eurovision representative is surely a hit with us.

15. Taking it Over – SuRie (NEW)

Storm wasn’t our cup of tea, but SuRie’s new independently released track Taking It Over truly is our cup of tea. In fact, I’ll take numerous cups, and I’ll take it hot. We can hop on board with the petitions to get SuRie back to Eurovision next year only if she can send something like this!

16. Under the Ladder – Melovin (NEW)

We definitely can’t call this a karaoke song since the lyrics continue to be an enormous mystery, but hey, we can enthusiastically hum along to our heart’s content. Again, it wasn’t a strong favourite with us leading into the contest, but it’s a grower!

17. Mall – Eugent Bushpepa (↓4)

It’s a shame we don’t get to hear those incredible vocals shine as much on the studio version of this track by Eugent Bushpepa the God himself, but it doesn’t make this song any less amazing. That’s all.

18. Viszlát Nyár – AWS (↓7)

We don’t often indulge in rock music, but when we do, we make sure we maintain good taste, hence AWS. This is a song you have to turn up loud and feel the music and the melody. By the end you’ll be giving it a hard rock hallelujah!

19. I Won’t Break – Julia Samoylova (NEW)

Well, this is probably the guilty pleasure of this year’s contest, as it’s not exactly the most ground-breaking entry seen at Eurovision. Admittedly, it’s a good karaoke song and I will be the first to say I have belted this out before!

20. Lie to Me – Mikolas Josef (RETURN)

There’s a reason why Czech Republic achieved their best position at Eurovision this year, and this is the reason. This is so catchy, and it’s hard not to get on board with this song. You know I like it…