Eurovision Union’s May Playlist

Throughout 2017, we enjoyed creating weekly playlists featuring songs from Eurovision and national final stars, new and old. This year, instead of (im)patiently waiting for artists to release new music each week, we’ve decided to focus on new music on a monthly basis.

We’ve selected songs that have been released on Spotify this month, and we’ve excluded songs that were competing in national finals (as we have our national final playlists for these tracks!). Also, since there’s thousands of Eurovision and National Final stars from over the years, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases, so if you notice a song is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the playlist!

New Albums

Last month we saw a number of new album releases, but this month the focus has been more on single releases rather than albums. We did get a couple of EP’s though, so let’s have a look at those!

All three of the EP releases featured on our Playlist this month have come from either former Melodifestivalen stars, or from Eurovision representing Sweden! We’ll start with the Eurovision alumni, and this month we’re featuring Anna Bergendahl with her EP titled We Were never Meant to be Heroes. There are five tracks on the EP, and we have featured the latest single, which is the title track of the EP as well as Holding On.

Two of our favourites of Melodifestivalen this year include both Olivia Eliasson as well as LIAMOO, and both have just released EP’s this month! We’ll start with Olivia who released a four track EP titled One. Her Melodifestivalen track Never Learn also features on the EP, but in our playlist we have featured Priorities and Liar.

LIAMOO released part one of what will be a multi-part EP titled Journey. In this first part, there are three new songs, and for this month’s playlist we have featured the tracks Nothing Here and Selfish.

New Singles from Eurovision Stars

Each year after Eurovision, we often get either new singles from the recently ‘graduated’ Eurovision stars, or remixes of their Eurovision songs. This year isn’t an exception, with both new and remixed songs from the recent class of Eurovision.

Let’s start with the winner! No new music from Netta just yet, but we do have a remixed version of her winning song, Toy. It’s the Chen Leiba Remix, and it’s made the unique song even more unique! We might stick to the original, but this may be to your tastes!

From the class of 2018, we also have various remixes of the Swedish entry this year, Dance You Off.  There is the Galavant Remix, which we love, but our favourite new version of the song by Benjamin Ingrosso is the extended version of the song, which adds just short of an extra minute to the song. Also from Benjamin Ingrosso is the Swedish language version of his previous release, Do You Think About Me which he re-recorded with best pal and fellow Melodifestivalen artist, Felix Sandman. The Swedish title of the song is Tro Du Att Han Bryr Sig.

Keeping with the 2018 theme, the Moldovan entry has also had a remix! It’s the DJ Katya Guseva remix of the national language version of the song! The Lithuanian entry by the lovely Ieva has also had a remix, the Jovani Remix, also of the national language version of the song, titled Kol Myliu. Keeping with the theme of national language switches, we also have the Spanish version of Eleni Foureira’s second place getting song Fuego!

We are still with the class of 2018, but here are the brand new tracks released by 2018 artists. We’ll start with SuRie, who represented the UK with the song Storm, but has just released an indie track titled Taking It Over which is one of our current favourite new releases! Alekseev also released a new track (and music video) titled Sberegu, and Armenian representative Sevak Khanagyan also released a new track titled Zerkala.

Let’s rewind back, where we have 2017 winner Salvador Sobral with his new track Mano a Mano which was performed in the 2018 Eurovision Grand Final. We have to go on a bit of a side track for the next song, as it’s not technically a competing artist who has released this track but an interval act artist. We are talking about Dino d’Santiago with the song he performed on the Eurovision stage as part of the interval, Nova Lisboa. Also from 2017 is Blanche, who after a year released her follow up single titled Wrong Turn, which is turning into a favourite of ours! Adding to the 2017 club is Nathan Trent, who has just released his newest single titled Secrets!

In no year order, we have also featured the 10 year anniversary release of Charlotte Perrelli’s 2008 entry, Hero, but on this playlist the symphonic version! From fellow Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou is her track Totally Erased which has been released in both Greek and English and with various remixes.

We have some new tracks from almost  winners as well, including Italy’s Il Volo, who released a track called Noche Sin Día featuring Gente De Zona. Former Ukrainian and Russian Eurovision artists Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev have both also released new tracks which you can find in this month’s playlist.

We also have a remix of Donny Montell’s track Nieko Verta, the Uk Club Remix. We also have a track that former Italian representative Raphael Gualazzi has featured on titled Dirty John, with the core artists being Emma Morton & The Graces.

New Singles from National Final Stars

It has been a big month of music, but it’s not over yet! Here are the songs from national final stars, including quite a few Swedish and Scandinavian artists! We’ll start with Boris René who has just released his next track titled Give it to me! Also from Sweden is Molly Hammar, who has given her vocals to a track by Sondr, who we know from doing a remix of Marco Mengoni’s song Onde. The new collaboration is titled Holding On.

Also from Sweden is Lisa Ajax, who has a single titled Think About You which is another great pop number from the Swedish star! From Finland we have Lauri Yrjölä with his new track titled Olen Sun Kokonaan.

Last but not least we have an Italian collaboration with Elodie, Michele Bravi and Gue Pequeno titled Nero Bali!