Robin Bengtsson returns with new track, Liar!

At the turn of the new month, we were graced with a handful of new tracks from Eurovision and National Final stars, and one of the standout singles is the latest track from former Swedish Eurovision representative, Robin Bengtsson.

The song is called Liar which was written by Robin himself, alongside Alexander Tidebrink and Herman Gardarfve. The track is a bit different to his previous tracks, including his Eurovision entry I Can’t Go On. Although still very much in the pop genre, it has slightly more of a rock influence, as hinted by the cover art.

The verses feature Robin’s soulful voice backed by a guitar riff, and then during the choruses the song becomes more anthemic with an incredibly catchy and powerful melody. It’s definitely a big change from his last single Day by Day which was more of a stripped back gospel style track.

Listen to the track below:

Robin Bengtsson represented Sweden in 2017 with the song I Can’t Go On, which finished in 5th place.