Eurovision World Cup: Hungary vs Serbia

For the duration of the actual World Cup, some of the best Eurovision artists old and new will be battling it out in a series of matches that mirror the World Cup itself. By the end, we will know the first winner of our Eurovision World Cup!

On each competition day of the World Cup, all of the matches for that day will be posted here on Eurovision Union. For a full 24 hours, a poll will be open for each match and it will be up to you to pick which of the representative songs will win the match.

We are at Day 14 of the Eurovision World Cup and today we have another four huge matches between a handful of Eurovision favourites from over the years. The competitors from today are all part of Group E and Group F, and some of the nations competing are relying on your votes to stay in the competition! This match is between Hungary and Serbia!

Today’s competitors:

Hungary first made their debut at Eurovision in 1994, and since then have had a range of Top 10 results, but have not yet won the contest. Their Eurovision World Cup representative is the best placing Hungarian act, and that’s Friderika with the song Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet which was their entry in 1994, their debut year. The song came 4th with 122 points.

Serbia once competed as part of Serbia and Montenegro, however made their independent debut in 2007. Call it luck or skill, but Serbia then went on to win the 2007 contest with Marija Šerifović and her beautiful national language ballad called Molitva. This still remains as Serbia’s first and only win at the contest so far!

Vote for your winner here:

Voting is now closed! Congratulations to Serbia for winning this match!

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