Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (47/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union is dedicated to bring you a specially curated playlist with a whole bunch of our favourite Eurovision and National final stars, new and old! This week we’ve got a mix of new and old, with some of the hot new releases from some of Europe’s best stars!

Listen to the playlist below:

Let’s start with the new releases from Scandinavia this week, including the anticipated release from one of Eurovision’s most notable winners, Loreen. Her album titled Ride was released on Friday, and we’ve taken the song I Go Ego this week. Anton Hagman, the young artist who overtook Loreen in Melfest this year to qualify to the final, has recently released a couple of new tracks too, including the song My Baby. Mariette also has a new track titled Pillow (Winter Song), and perhaps it’s a taster of what we might get at Melfest 2018 if she is announced as one of the participants! Former interval act Darin has just released a new album, and this week we’ve taken the song Man över bord.

Other new tracks this week come from Italian stars Rocco Hunt, who has just released a new single titled Invece no. Former Eurovision artist for Italy Francesca Michielin has just released a song called Io non abito al mare. Moving away from Italy, we’ve got former Albanian act Elhaida Dani with her new track titled E Ngrire. Polish act Michal Szpak has also released a new track which is called Don’t Poison Your Heart. The last of the new tracks come from Armenian act of 2017, Artsvik with her Armenian language song Mna Du, and Ukrainian act Alyosha.

Two great album releases of this year have come from Can Bonomo and Guy Sebastian, so we’ve taken songs off their albums for this week’s playlist. From Can Bonomo, we’ve got the song Sakla, and from Guy Sebastian we’ve got Chasing Lights. Pastora Soler also released an album earlier this year which has become a big hit, and this week we’ve got No te atrevas a olvidarme.

From other former Eurovision stars, we’ve got Dutch artist Glennis Grace with her tune Too Much Love Will Kill You. We’ve also got Mørland with a song off his album titled No Firewall. Je m’en fous is taken off Zoë’s album, who you’ll remember as the Austrian act from 2016. From Latvian artist and songwriter Aminata, we’ve got a remixed version of her hit Eurovision song Love Injected.

From national final stars, we’ve got Lithuanian Gabrielius Vagelis with his song Per Pusę. Last but not least, we’ve got the song Suitcase which took part in the Danish national final in 2015 and was sung by Anne Gadegaard.

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!