Eurovision World Cup: Montenegro vs Finland

For the duration of the actual World Cup, some of the best Eurovision artists old and new will be battling it out in a series of matches that mirror the World Cup itself. By the end, we will know the first winner of our Eurovision World Cup!

On each competition day of the World Cup, all of the matches for that day will be posted here on Eurovision Union. For a full 24 hours, a poll will be open for each match and it will be up to you to pick which of the representative songs will win the match.

Today is the third day of the Final 16 round, and in this round, it’s up to you to decide who will remain in the competition, and who will be sent packing! This match is between Montenegro and Finland!

Today’s competitors:

Montenegro made their independent debut at Eurovision in 2007, and it’s fairly safe to say that the nation certainly didn’t make waves at the contest. More often than not, Montenegro fails to qualify to the final, with some entries coming close to qualification, while others struggling to get off the bottom places on the results table. Only two entries have qualified, and representing Montenegro in the Eurovision World Cup is the best placing entry, which is Adio by Knez which finished in 13th place!

Finland has been a mixed bag at Eurovision, even since their debut in 1961. Finland have finished in last place numerous times, and more often than not have finished outside the Top 10. It took the nation over 40 years to score their first (and only) win at the contest so far! It comes as no surprise that Lordi will be representing Finland with their winning entry Hard Rock Hallelujah.

Vote for your winner here:

Voting is now closed! Congratulations to Montenegro for winning this match!

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