The Country Quiz: Israel!

How well do you know the history of Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

On debut, which position did Israel finish in the Eurovision final?
As of 2018, how many times has Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest?
4 times
3 times
1 time
Which Israeli Eurovision entry won all three of the Marcel Bezençon Awards (Press, Artistic and Composer)? 
HaSheket SheNish’ar
The Fire In Your Eyes
Between 2011 and 2014, Israel failed to qualify for the final. How many of these four entries featured BOTH Hebrew and English?
3 Entries
2 Entries
4 Entries
Which two years did Israel choose a competing entry but withdraw before the contest?
1980 and 1984
1984 and 1994
1984 and 1997
In which year did Israel first send an entry completely in English?
Out of these three participants, which finished in the highest position in a Eurovision final?
Hovi Star
Lior Narkis
Noa & Mira Awad
Which two acts have qualified into the final from 3rd place in the semi-finals?
Nadav Guedj and IMRI
Nadav Guedj and Boaz Mauda
Netta and Harel Skaat
Which song does the following lyric belong to, ‘I know deep in my heart we’ll be forever; Every word I say – it’s true’
Together We Are One
Made of Stars
Ding Dong
From which position in the Eurovision 2018 Grand Final did Netta perform?  

How well did you know the history of Israel at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Israel at Eurovision!

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