Best of the Bunch: The Trials – San Marino

Through our Best of the Bunch series, we gave a recap on the Eurovision entries from 2006 to 2015 and gave you the opportunity to choose your Best of the Bunch. As you may remember, the current Best of the Bunch winners were put into our ‘Ultimate Eurovision’ but it’s time to see which of the latest three entries have remained as your favourites! In our Best of the Bunch: The Trials series, we are going to recap the entries from a certain nation starting with 2016 and continuing through to the latest Eurovision season of 2018. Your job is to simply enjoy the music, and vote for your Best of the Bunch winner!

San Marino are truly one of the biggest underdogs of the Eurovision Song Contest, having participated 9 times, and only qualifying to the final once as of the time of writing this post. Statistically, it is easy to see why that one qualification came from Valentina Monetta, since we have now seen her at Eurovision a total of 4 times, inclusive of a year that we will be discussing today! We will start our Best of the Bunch journey in 2016, and continue through to this year and once we’ve recapped the entries, it will be up to you to decide which is your Best of the Bunch!

San Marino 2016

We will start on one of San Marino’s most iconic entries, which of course was Serhat and his song I Didn’t Know. Being a small nation, it’s not uncommon to see the representative artists come from other nations, and this was a prime example with Serhat originally from Turkey. Despite that, he was honoured to represent San Marino with his slower style entry I Didn’t Know. The music video was somewhat questionable, and perhaps so was the song, but before Eurovision, Serhat released the Disco version of the song. The ‘positivity’ on that remix was so strong that he decided to take that version to Eurovision instead of the original. At Eurovision the performance was staged in the same retro style as the song, but it wasn’t enough to bring San Marino back to the final. The song finished in 12th position with 68 points.

San Marino 2017

After another year of non-qualification for San Marino, it was time to bring out the big guns once again. Who would represent the nation in 2017? Well, none other than the queen Valentina of course! Although she had previously stated that she had called time on her Eurovision experiences, she returned in 2017 but this time as part of a duet. Joining her would be Jimmie Wilson to perform their song Spirit of the Night. As the name suggests, it was an upbeat number that quickly captured the hearts of Valentina fans worldwide! At Eurovision, it didn’t capture the hearts of the voters unfortunately, with the song finishing in last place with just one point!

San Marino 2018

That brings us to this year’s entry which was chosen in quite a unique way. Through a worldwide search (literally), it was decided that the duo of Maltese singer Jessika and German artist Jenifer Brening would take to the Eurovision stage with the cliché pop number Who We Are. Another memorable stage performance, not because of the artists themselves, but because of the robots on stage! It was a novel way to capture the voter’s attention, but in the end it wasn’t enough to give San Marino their second Eurovision qualification. In the end, the duo finished in 17th place with 28 points.

So now you’ve seen all three performances, it’s time to vote for your Best of the Bunch!

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