National Final Throwback – Frankie Animal – (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty

Estonia is well known in the Eurovision community for holding one of the most diverse national selections, and this year was no exception. Although we know that Elina Nechayeva won Eesti Laul by a landslide, by request we’re taking a look at one of the competitors, Frankie Animal.

Admittedly, I don’t think I’ve heard this song for the full three minutes, so this truly is a first impression review. A few seconds into the song, and I’m already a fan. This is something I would expect from Estonia – alternative, unique and organic.

After listening to the complete song, I think the highlight of the song is the first verse. It sets up the song really well, and it leaves the song open to grow and become even more dramatic. The lead vocalist has a very appealing tone, and it’s well backed up by her fellow bandmates.

Although the melody of the verses is catchy, I think once it reaches the chorus it reaches flat line territory. I would have liked to have seen the vocals pushed a bit further in what is an already repetitive chorus in order to diversify the song, especially in that last chorus.

Redemption comes with the instrumental towards the end of the song, which adds a unique element to the song, and really solidifies the song as a unique entry. Visually, the performance was very appealing as well. Watching the national final performance, it’s dark and it’s mysterious which seems to match the song very well. However, would this translate well to Eurovision?

Had this been performed at Eurovision, I don’t think it would have reached the heights of Elina and her song La Forza. Both are quite niche songs, with (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty a very mellow alternative song, while obviously La Forza took inspiration from the operatic style. Although La Forza wouldn’t have been a hit with everyone watching, the memorable moment is the performance and staging, and I don’t believe anyone else in the national selection could have replicated the same level of performance.

Overall, I think it’s a good song with fantastic vocals and an eye-catching performance, but I do think it was more suited for Eesti Laul than what it could have been for Eurovision. I’m going to give the song a 7/10.

Country Profile

Year: 2018

Country: Estonia

Artist: Frankie Animal

Song: (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty