Sweden 2019: The first Melodifestivalen act has been chosen!

It’s still very early on in the Eurovision 2019 season, in fact, so early that potential Eurovision songs can’t have been released as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that plans for national selections are at a standstill. Today’s news comes from Sweden where the first Melodifestivalen act has been revealed!

As you may know, Sweden selects their Eurovision act through the popular national final format, Melodifestivalen. For a few years now, one of the competing acts in Melodifestivalen is chosen through P4 Nästa, a music competition held to discover new artists. From this year’s competition, one of the acts has been selected as the wildcard, and we now know the first act to take part in next year’s Melodifestivalen.

There was a total of eight finalists in the competition, which were:

  • Beside the Bridge
  • Par Spring City
  • The Lovers of Valdaro
  • Patricia Birgersso
  • Ewelina Westin
  • Josias Andersson
  • Amandine X
  • Jahr

It was decided that The Lovers of Valdaro would be the winners of the wildcard ticket, and as such we will be seeing them again at Melodifestivalen 2019 – with a different song of course! For now, you can listen to their P4 Nästa song here.

The duo consists of Erik Gabriel Höiby and Adam Warhester. Their style is described as nostalgic synth pop.