Latvia to stick with Supernova for Eurovision 2019!

We know we will be seeing Latvia participate at Eurovision 2019, and now we know that once again Supernova will be used to select their participating entry. The show which has been used since 2015 has yielded mixed results at Eurovision, but the broadcaster is sticking with the Supernova format.

Latvian broadcaster LTV have now said that the submission period for Supernova 2019 will begin on September 3rd and continue through to October 21st. More details are expected to be revealed soon, including whether the national final will follow the same format as for the 2018 season or whether certain aspects of the selection will be modified.

Since Supernova was introduced as the national selection, the nation has achieved both some of their best and some of their worst results in recent years. Previous to the introduction of Supernova, the nation had failed to qualify from 2009 up until 2015, with three of those results last place. In 2015, Aminata was selected through Supernova, and as we know, achieved the best result for Latvia since 2005.

The following year, Justs was selected with a song written by Aminata, and although it didn’t reach the Top 10, the song still comfortably qualified into the final, finishing in 15th place overall. Both 2017 and 2018 were not as successful however, with Triana Park finishing in last place in the semi-final in 2017, and Laura Rizzotto just missing out on qualification in this year’s contest.

With the results from Supernova quite literally 50/50, it could go either way for Latvia in 2019! Stay tuned for more news from Latvia, but for now watch Laura’s performance here: