France 2019: Changes to Destination Eurovision revealed!

Not long after this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the French broadcaster announced that due to the success of the debut year of Destination Eurovision, their national selection, they have decided to continue with that format.

Now that some time has passed, more information has been revealed regarding the changes we will see in next year’s edition. The biggest change we will be that all three shows will be broadcast live. For the 2018 competition, the semi-finals were both pre-recorded and broadcasted at a later date while the final was broadcast live.

Some of the other changes will include a change in the jury, however it is unsure whether this will be a change to the structure or members of the jury, or perhaps both. It has also been said that Garou, last year’s host is in discussions to return as the host, however this is not yet confirmed.

What we do know is that if the quality of music is on par with the 2018 contest, we will be in for a good show. If you want to read more about our thoughts on the successes and failures of the Big 5 at the 2018 contest, you can find it here.

Watch the French entry from the 2018 contest below: