JESC Ukraine: Here are the 10 national finalists!

At first we thought Ukraine would not be participating at this year’s contest, but not long after the list of competing nations was released, Ukraine decided to join the party! Everything is seemingly back on track for the nation, and now the 10 finalists competing in the national selection have been revealed.

This year the selection will be held online as to save on costs, which was the reason the nation had originally declined participation. Despite that, the national selection will continue, and these are the 10 finalists:

  • Kain Rivers – Without Saying Goodbye
  • HAOS – Nenormalne lito
  • The Sparks – We Are Part of This
  • Denis Rodin – Batky
  • Yarina Taras – Sonyachnyy bit
  • Irina Ignatenko – Ya z toboyu
  • Alexander Balabanov – My dity zemli!
  • Darina Krasnovetsky – Say Love
  • Polina Pizartsova – Ty provir v lyubov
  • Sofia Ivanko – Chomu?

Online voting will be open until the 3rd of September, however the result of this voting will only act as a guide for the jury, who will make the final decision. The jury consists of:

  • Taras Topolya
  • Sasha Koltsova
  • Laud
  • Sofia Kucenko
  • Maria Burmaka

You can listen to the songs and vote here.