Eurovision Throwback – Jakob Sveistrup – Talking to You

This week we’re rewinding the clock back to 2005, a year where the competing entries were questionable, but perhaps nowhere near as questionable as some of the outfits we saw that year! We can look past a bad outfit if the song and performance is spot on, but did Denmark’s competing artist Jakob Sveistrup tick those boxes?

If you like highly choreographed performances, this is certainly the one for you. This performance is well oiled, from the vocals to the choreography and looking back now, it all seems a bit naff.  The song starts in more of a ballad style, but of course it breaks into a more traditional bop backed by some pretty entertaining dance moves.

Despite being a bit naff, admittedly this is a pretty catchy song. The intro is a bit drab, but once you get into the rhythm it’s easy to follow along with, and before you know it you are singing along. The song has a faint reggae feel to it mixed with boyband harmonies which are spot on for the entire performance. Although once the bop portion of the song begins it’s quite repetitive, at least Jakob pushes the vocals, peaking towards the end of the song where we see him ‘break free’ from the group of backing vocalists.

Coming full circle back to the fashion choices of the Danish act, the pink patterned shirt certainly is a statement, along with those shoes, but we do have to remember that this is 2005 we are talking about, and this is certainly subdued compared to some of their competitors!

Overall I think this is a catchy entry with a well-considered stage performance. Perhaps too well-considered, as you can definitely tell it has been rehearsed countless times. A song like this may have also worked with a more organic stage performance or in other words, to have less synchronisation between Jakob and his backing.

In the end, the song did finish in the Top 10 – but is that a surprising result? In the scheme of things, their 9th place finish is well justified. The song was catchy enough to grab votes, but didn’t quite reach the unique and/or more contemporary entries that finished above it on the results table. My rating is a 7/10.

Country Profile

Year: 2005

Country: Denmark

Artist: Jakob Sveistrup

Song: Talking to You

Final Ranking: 9th in the final