Rehearsal Day 3 – Czech Republic

Rehearsals are a great time to iron out any issues on stage, but it’s not always necessary to belt out vocals for each and every run through. Benny gave us the most reserved vocal performance thus far, and apparently, he previously stated that he would be preserving his voice for the more important moments. While he did sing the song on stage, it was very lowkey. He did manage to hit some good notes at the end after opening up a bit.

Benny is wearing a gold bomber jacket and is sporting bleached, short hair. He is joined by backing dancers who don’t always add a lot to the performance. I just want a bit more energy for this, and I hope Benny does turn up the charisma in future performances. He has a good stage presence, and that’s what will help push this to the final, but if that’s lacking, it’s probable that this will remain in the semi-final.

The staging is decent, but not revolutionary. Benny starts the performance surrounded by neon lights, and during the choruses we see the kaleidoscope patterns like in the music video. In the final run through, he gets a bit more involved with the choreo, and there’s certainly a bit more energy. While there was a bit more charisma, he does need to look into the camera more.