Robin Stjernberg returns with ‘I Don’t’

Although we saw Swedish artist Robin Stjernberg perform at Eurovision what feels like an eternity ago, he has remained a favourite due to a big handful of incredible songs. It’s been a while since we last heard from Robin, but today we finally got to hear a new song!

The song is called I Don’t and it’s safe to say that this is an instant hit. It’s contemporary with certain retro elements that seem to be on trend at the moment. The pre-chorus sets us up for a banging chorus, and as expected, Robin delivers with the soulful repetition of the lyrics ‘I Don’t Care.’

This new release was revealed on social media, where we see Robin in the studio working on a new EP however on this specific track there were some special instruments added! Interestingly the addition to the song that Robin describes as ‘key’ is the tinkering sounds of dirty dishes!

Listen to the song below: